North Sailing

Sailing traditional Icelandic schooners used to be almost a memory of the past until brothers, Hörður and Árni Sigurbjarnarson painstakingly restored a 20-ton oak vessel to its former glory and started taking visitors whale and puffin watching from the northern town of Húsavík.

Today, 20 years later, North Sailing – Husavik Whale Watching is recognised as the pioneer of whale watching in Iceland offering authentic and inspirational marine wildlife tours and sailing adventures.

North Sailing has received numerous honors and awards internationally and domestically for delivering consistent outstanding quality experiences for our customers. The Husavik Original Whale Watching Tour NS1 has set a standard for excellence in whale watching trips and placed the small town of Húsavík on the map as the capital of whale watching in Iceland.



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Hafnarstétt 9 640 Húsavík

+354 464 7272

[email protected]

operates all year



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