Snorrastofa Reykholt

Snorrastofa is a cultural and medieval center located in Reykholt in Borgarfjörður.

Reykholt is one of Iceland’s most renowned historical sites where some of the finest works of Old Icelandic literature were written.

Snorrastofa, a cultural – and medieval centre, founded in memory of Snorri Sturluson,and situated in his ancient homestead at Reykholt. Snorrastofa manages various research projects and provides reception and information for travelers, historical exhibitions, guided tours and lectures. Books on history and culture, Icelandic handicraft and souvenirs are available in the shop.

Guest accommodation for scholars and facilities for conferences and gatherings

Concerts in the church of Reykholt.

Opening hours Weekdays:
Saturdays: Sundays:
April 1st – September 30th:
10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00 10:00-18:00
October – March 31st:
10:00-17:00 Closed Closed
Open on request during winter weekends.

Reykholt 320 Reykholt

433-8000, 433-8008

[email protected]

Open all year round.



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