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8 Compelling Reasons to book a trip with Reykjavik Excursions

So you’ve made it to Iceland! Hurray! Now it’s time to decide on what to see, what to do and how to get there. The options are many, but we have made a list of 8 compelling reasons why booking a trip with Reykjavik Excursions might just be one of your best decisions yet.

With  Icelandic  winter  weather  being  rather unpredictable, it’s good to know that  you  don’t  have  to  brave  the  elements  on your own. Reykjavik  Excursions  is  one  of  Iceland’s  oldest tour companies. With seasoned drivers and 50 years of experience under its belt since its humble beginnings in 1968, you can rest assured  that  you  will  be  in  safe  hands  with  Reykjavik Excursions—and that’s a reason to celebrate!

Any  road  trip  in  Iceland  during  the  winter  months  demands  preparedness  that only the most professional companies can offer. With    its    experienced    drivers,    guides   and  specially  equipped  coaches,  Reykjavik  Excursions   maintains   one   of   the   largest   fleets  in  the  country,  with  vehicles  of  all  shapes  and  sizes  taking  you  to  all  the  most  beautiful  spots  in  Iceland.  And  one  of  the  coolest  features  has  to  be  the  fact  that  all  Reykjavik  Excursions’  comfortable  coaches  are  equipped  with  free  Wi-Fi,  so  you  can keep friends and family updated as you travel.

One of the highlights of any winter trip to  Iceland  is  the  possibility  of  seeing  the Northern Lights. But  those  flirty,  fleeting  auroras  have  a  reputation of being consistently inconsistent, dancing around the skies on their terms, not ours.  To  this  end,  Reykjavik  Excursions  has  come  up  with  a  whole  range  of  Northern  Lights   tours   in   conjunction   with   other   activities,  thereby  giving  you  more  bang  for  your  buck.  Choose  from  a  variety  of  tours  that cater to a plethora of interests Northern Lights   and   the   Golden   Circle   Combo   tour,  Northern  Lights  and  a  countryside  langoustine dinner, Northern Lights by boat. How about a Northern Lights, lava tube cave and skyr factory visit? All of these and more are available to help you get the most out of your  time  in  Iceland  and  maximising  your  chances of catching the Northern Lights.
What   is   a   trip   to   Iceland   without   seeing the Golden Circle? Reykjavik   Excursions   offers   a   whole   smorgasbord   of   possible   day   tours   that   encompass     Iceland’s     three     celebrated     landmarks—Thingvellir     National     Park,   Geysir  Geothermal  Area  and  the  raging  ullfoss  waterfall,  which  make  up  the  “big  three”   of   the   Golden   Circle.   Reykjavik   Excursions  goes  all  out  with  a  full  list  of  activities  that  are  paired  with  the  Golden  Circle   how   about   an   ATV   quad   bike   adventure  tour,  or  a  health  and  wellness  tour  that  combines  the  Golden  Circle  with  a  relaxing  dip  in  the  geothermal  waters  of 
Laugarvatn  Fontana?  Or  maybe  you  would  prefer  a  few  hours  getting  to  know  the  Icelandic horse before heading off around the Golden  Circle.  With  so  many  combo  tours  to  choose  from  there  is  something  to  suit  everyone.
Enjoy  the  peaceful  calm  of  Iceland’s  winter landscapes. Reykjavik   Excursions’   hugely   popular   South Coast Adventure tour is ideal for seeing all those iconic places that the south coast is known  for  waterfalls  such  as  Seljalandsfoss  and   Skógafoss,   the   black   sand   beach   of   Reynisfjara and the imposing basalt columns of  Reynisfjall,  the  picturesque  village  of  Vík  and a walk up to Sólheimajökull glacier. How exciting is that? 
Getting   from   Kef lavik   Airport   to   Reykjavik has never been easier. Reykjavik  Excursions’  shuttle,  known  as  the Flybus is conveniently timed to coincide with  many  arriving  and  departing  flights.  This  means  you  can  stay  with  Reykjavik  Excursions from the moment you begin your journey until it is time to say goodbye.
Reykjavik    Excursions    is    the    first    icelandic     tour     operator     to     be     granted  the  ISO  14001  certification  for  environmental   management   from   the   British Standard Institute (BSI). The  company  is  also  certified  by  Vakinn,  Iceland’s  official  independent  quality  and  environmental rating system.
Reykjavik   Excursions   is   the   only   company in Iceland with membership in   the   Global   Passenger   Network,   an   nternational    association    founded    to    promote  the  highest  standards  in  coach  operations worldwide. Be  warm,  be  well  and  enjoy  Iceland  this  winter with Reykjavik Excursions.

Oh… and Happy 50th, Reykjavik Excursions!     -EMV

8 Compelling Reasons to book a trip with Reykjavik Excursions

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