Hótel Vestmannaeyjar

Hótel Vestmannaeyjar allows guests to explore the Westman island’s breath-taking scenery while providing comfortable and relaxing accommodation.

The hotel provides direct access to fantastic hiking and bird watching and offers exciting activities and tours to help guests to enjoy the stay on the island.

The hotel offers flexible room arrangements to accommodate all guests, from family rooms to suites. Rooms are all ensuite with TV and Wi-Fi.

Guests can also take advantage of the hotel’s facilities. Our spa, beauty and massage parlour (with Jacuzzi and sauna) ensure guests are fully relaxed and entertained during their stay at Hótel Vestmannaeyjar.

Our bar and restaurant offer a sophisticated area for guests to socialise. Exquisite, locally sourced food, gives guests a true taste of the island!

The new harbour in Landeyjar has improved access to the island significantly, and the number of tourists visiting Heimaey has increased each year since its opening.

The ferry Herjólfur sails six times a day to and from Vestmannaeyjar during the summer and five times a day during the winter. The ferry ride takes only 30 minutes and you will enjoy beautiful scenery on the way.

Hotel Vestmannaeyjar has been expanded and renovated to meet the increasing demand for accomodation. The hotel now offers 43 spacious, ensuite rooms and elevator access to all floors.

The restaurant ,,Einsi kaldi” is located at the ground floor of Hotel Vestmannaeyjar in a building with a long and remarkable history. The restaurant has been open since 2011 and seats 80 people.
The chef, Einar Björn Árnason ( Einsi Kaldi ) and his staff have a great reputation for intuitive cooking and excellent service.

Vestmannabraut 28 900 Vestmannaeyjar

+354 481 2900

[email protected]


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