A Corner of Paradise

Eyjafjarðarsveit’s Pristine Beauty

Eyjafjardarsveit iceland icelandictimesProtected by flanks of towering mountains on either side, the broad valley of Eyjafjarðarsveit lies at the very end of Iceland’s longest fjord, Eyjafjörður. It’s one of Iceland’s most prolific agricultural areas with a hospitable farming community just outside of the capital of the north, Akureyri.
Eyjafjardarsveit_akureyri iceland icelandictimes icelandic timesEyjafjarðarsveit is chock full of unexpected historical and cultural gems that are interspersed all along the circular route around the valley. Out of 25 historically important churches in North Iceland, several of them are scattered throughout the area; Kaupangur Church can trace its foundations all the way back to 1318 and Saurbær Church, which dates back to before the year 1200, is one of the few remaining turf-walled churches still existing in Iceland today. All of them have played their parts, big and small in the lives of the Icelandic nation over the centuries ever since Iceland officially adopted Christianity in 1000 AD.

Hrafnagil_SundlaugHrafnagil Pool and Campsite
After a long day of exploring or hiking in the area, a welcome dip in the pool or a long relaxing soak in the hot tub at Hrafnagil Municipal Pool is just the ticket. Especially so for those camping out on the Hrafnagil campsite. The campsite is family friendly and calm and has all of the essential services close by. Those include good campsite facilities, a nearby convenient store, Silva Restaurant and loads of activity areas for the younger generation, like sports grounds and play areas. The campsite is a quiet and amicable base for those exploring the North on a budget.
+354 464 8140 | [email protected] | www.esveit.is

silva iceland icelandictimessilva restaurant iceland icelandictimesSilva Restaurant
Silva Restaurant, located just 2km from the Hrafnagil campsite and municipal pool, is ideal for refreshments after an afternoon of swimming. This ‘green’ restaurant in the heart of Eyjafjarðarsveit offers a selection of vegetarian dishes as well as raw diet options for lunch and dinner – and in July 2015, Silva will be open for breakfast. Delicious smoothies and compressed juices, wheat grass and ginger shots are offered throughout the day, along with organic coffee, teas, hot cocoa and a selection of healthy cakes and desserts. Enjoy Silva’s balanced menu made with only the finest ingredients and suitable for everyone.
+354 851 1360 | [email protected] | www.silva.is

tvera Golf iceland icelandic timesÞverá Golf Course
There’s nothing like a round of golf under the midnight sun in the stunning surroundings of Þverá Golf Course in Eyjafjarðarsveit. Enthusiastic golfers from around the world flock to this nine-hole golf course every year to indulge their passion and to take in the magnificent views of the mountains and the fjord. At the clubhouse you can rent a set of golf clubs at very reasonable prices, have a cup of coffee or, for those midnight forays onto the course, you are welcome to BYOB – bring your own bottle. Located just 5 minutes from Hrafnagil and 10 minutes from Akureyri.
+354 862 5516 | [email protected] | www.tgolf.is