Icelandic Times – Issue 27

A Truly International Vision

Einar thorsteinsson

Einar Th. Thorsteinsson

The Icelandic Times is part of a print, web, TV and video group that has been publishing magazines promoting Iceland’s tourism, culture and business since 2007.
It is available in five languages: English, French, German, Icelandic and now, Chinese. Besides the printed edition, all the material – and more, is on our website.
Since its founding, approx. two and a half million copies have been printed. They have been distributed in hotels, airports, bus stations and tourist locations around the country as well as being sent to travel agencies and individuals in Europe, America and China.
In 2011 the first Icelandic Times videos were produced. Since that time, over 80 videos have been posted on the website and on YouTube. TV programmes in English and Chinese are now being broadcast worldwide, introducing Iceland to a global audience.
A new series of films is currently being made, with the first, focusing on the Westman Islands, expected to be released late this summer.
Icelandic Times Media is a growing company that is promoting all the country’s varied tourist offerings and business investment opportunities in a way that informs, inspires and encourages travellers to get the most from their visits.

Managing Editor & General Manager
Einar Th. Thorsteinsson
[email protected]


Bjorn ruriksson icelandictimes_Landm.laugar loft_PICT5582 copyContents

The Greater Reykjavik Area 6
The Joyful Wonderland 8
The World’s Most Exclusive Watchmaker 9
Ancestors’ Knowledge 10
The All-Icelandic Wool Shop 11
The Fine Art of Knifemaking 13
Refinement in Reykjavik 14
The Brave Get the Best 15
The Icelandic House Of Specialities 17
Getting Juiced in Iceland 19
Ice Cave on Top of a Glacier 20
Nature Relaxation in Iceland 23
Leather Designer 23
The Volcano House 24
Into the Ice on Langjökull Glacier 25
Not Just Fire & Ice 26
Exciting Investment Opportunities 27
Iceland From Above 29
The Reykjanes Peninsula 31
Grindavík, The Perfect Start to Your Trip 32
Iceland’s Best Kept Secret 36
Lather Up with Soap Viking Bath Products 39
West Iceland and the Westfjords 40
Goats and Roses 41
Borgarnes in Borgarfjörður 42
Shaped by the Bay 46
Touring Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the West 50
Snæfellsnes Peninsula 52
Westfjords 55
Standing on the Edge of the World 56
Iceland’s First Settler 60
Celebrating their 30th year of operation 61
Mystic History 61
North Iceland 63
Akureyri, Heart of the North 64
A Corner of Paradise 66
Revitalised in the North 67
The Klondike of the Atlantic 68
Historic Sigló Harbour Hostel and Apartments 69
Siglufjörður’s New Marina Village 70
Cross the Arctic Circle 71
Ambassador to the Whales 71
The Mythology of the Vikings Lives on 73
The Beautiful Ásbyrgi 74
Ride with Óðinn and Sleipnir 74
Travel into the Highlands 75
The Old Post Office 75
The Great Fish Day Festival 76
Dalvík’s Kondó Bar & Grill 77
An Outdoor Paradise 77
East Iceland 79
Egilsstaðir, The Capital of East Iceland 80
Fljótsdalur Valley 82
Álfheimar Country Hotel of Borgarfjörður Eystri 84
The Magical Eastfjords 86
Petra’s Stone and Mineral Collection 87
Maritime Memories 88
Plan for a Comfortable Stay 89
I Want THAT Chocolate Cake! 89
Breiðdalsvík, The Hidden Gem of East Iceland 90
South Iceland 92
Visit Vatnajökull 93
Between Volcano and Sea 94
Gray Line’s South Coast & Glacial Lagoon Tour 96
Discover an Ice-Blue World 99
High on Nature in Ársalir 100
Þakgil Canyon Campsite 101
Suður-Vík Restaurant 102
Black Beach Restaurant 103
Refreshing Vík 103
A Taste of Iceland’s Wild & Sweet 104
Eat from Eight till Late 105
A Force to be Reckoned with 106
A Delightful Experience in Stokkseyri 107
Ölfus On My Mind 108
The House that Disappeared 110
A Look at Museums in Vestmannaeyjar 111
Iceland’s Largest Festival 112
Truly Memorable Dining 113
Fantastic view from Tanginn 113
Horses & Nature 114

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Managing Editor & General Manager
Einar Th. Thorsteinsson
[email protected]

IMG_1534 copyproject manager
Edda Snorradóttir
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IMG_7762 copyEnglish editor
Andrew Scott Fortune
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Layout & Design
Edda Snorradóttir
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Andrew Scott Fortune

sales & Marketing
Anna Bjarnardóttir
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Kolbrún Ólafsdóttir
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Kristinn Hallbergsson
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