High Adventure

Adrenalin – High Rope Adventure
6044Fly high in a swing or challenge yourself ten metres above the ground while staying in a magnificent environment of geological wonders. This is ‘Adrenalin—High Rope Adventure’ at Nesjavellir Rift Valley for you.
Situated a short distance from the capital area, this entertaining fun park offers you a great chance to pump some adrenalin round your body—whether you prefer to do it one, five or ten metres above the ground.
6191Each obstacle course has its own characteristics. In some, you are climbing between tyres, in another, you are walking a thin line and yet another, taking one step at a time over a quite unstable bridge. And there’s no need to worry: safety is a priority at Adrenalin and the staff is highly trained in security measures. Once you start to trust the line you’re fastened to, you will forget the height and lose yourself in the experience!
MBA 4465793This highly entertaining adventure park is a great choice to do something fun with your family on your way to Þingvellir National Park or the Golden Circle or if you want to add yet another element to your nature experience and adrenaline activities in Iceland.


Skúlatúni 4 • 105 Reykjavík
+354 414 2910
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