Stýrimannastígur (Seamen’s Path) led from Vesturgata up to the old Seamen’s College, which was built in 1898. In the early years of the 20th century, houses began to be built on both sides of the path, most of them in “chalet” style. These wooden houses were taller and more impressive than before, with higher ceilings and bigger windows. Features of the style are decorative panels over doors and windows, and protruding gables with decorative gable ends and tracery. The first chalet-style houses were imported in kit form from Norway (“catalogue houses”). Icelandic builders mastered the new style, but substituted corrugated iron for wood as siding. This Icelandic version of the chalet style was predominant around the turn of the century. Examples are Stýrimannastígur 10 (1906) and 15 (1899).