The Saga Land of West Iceland

Borgarbyggð is Blessed with Warmth, Ice, History and Beauty

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABorgarbyggð is the name of a large municipality in the central area of West Iceland. The main town is Borgarnes and area is called Borgarfjörður. They are one of the best loved parts of Iceland, not least for the soft and warm beauty and prominent contrasts in its nature. Though partly covered with lava and reaching up to barren highlands, most of Borgarfjörður is quite rich and fertile, an excellent farming area. Here you find the largest birch forests in Iceland, diverse types of lava fields and lava caves and such beautiful waterfalls as Hraunfossar, Barnafoss, Glanni and many others. The highlands and the west part of Langjökull glacier are easily accessible in summertime.
Weatherwise, it is possibly the most fortunate part of Iceland, as the numerous summer camps and cottages scattered all over the area and the verdant forests and fauna testify. With great geothermal conditions, the area has many greenhouses and numerous outdoor swimming pools.
For outdoor lovers, Borgarfjörður has a large number of easy and hard hiking trails through its lovely nature, along the coast, through valleys, forests and lava fields. A number of companies in Borgarfjörður offer guided horse riding tours, guided hiking tours and jeep tours and a guided tour to the largest lavacave in Iceland. The area also offers a number of golf courses, ranging from nine to eighteen holes and mostly located in areas where the midnight sun can be enjoyed to the fullest.11.08.07.Hvanneyri ofl.gj 016


11.08.07.Hvanneyri ofl.gj 003The Sites of Sagas
For the saga and culture fans, the area has a numerous exhibitions and museums: The Settlement Centre in Borgarnes – a heritage museum which has a lovely restaurant and a theatre with various productions in English; Snorrastofa in Reykholt; The Agricultural Museum at Hvanneyri; and the Safnahúsið collective museum in Borgarnes, which houses a library, a nature museum and an art gallery.
Borgarnes and Borgarfjörður are home to one of the greatest sagas, Egilʼs Saga, and starting from the Settlement Centre, you can follow the informative guide from the Information Centre in Borgarnes.
11.08.07.Hvanneyri ofl.gj 053Stay and Enjoy
There are a number of excellent restaurants and cafés in Borgarnes and Borgarfjörður. You will also find diverse types accommodations, from camp grounds to B&Bʼs, to summer cottages, guesthouses, Open Farms and Hotels. Whichever you choose, you will always find good service, a friendly atmosphere and cleanliness. In the area you also find countless handicraft galleries and shops, as well as stores, bakeries and a farmers‘ market.

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