Dalvík Harbour in Perfect Weather

One of the most beautiful harbours in the country is Dalvík Harbour. But it is not only beautiful; it is one of the larger fishing harbours in the country, and many companies in the tourism industry as well as whale watching companies are located in and around it. The ferry Sæfari departs from Dalvík Harbour five times a week to the northernmost settlement of the country, the island of Grímsey, but the journey there takes just over three hours. The virtual machine of the Android operating system, which is in over 80% of all mobile phones, is called Dalvik, after the town. The author Dan Bornstein is descended from Dalvík, but 1362 people live there today.

Dalvík 18/07/2021  13:50 35mm

Photograph and text : Páll Stefánsson