GRINDAVÍK is a beautiful Icelandic fishing town on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula. Life in Grindavík has to a large extent evolved around fishing since the time of its settlement in approx. 934 A.D.

In the last few years Grindavík has grown significantly as a tourist destination with its local population of about 2900 people, most of who base their livelihood on fishing or fish related industry. Grindavík alone provides more than 40% of Iceland’s salt fish production with one of the most active harbours in the country.

Blue Lagoon

By far the best known attraction of Grindavík is the Blue lagoon. But the scenic nature surrounding Grindavík includes more than just the blue-water hot-spring which has become so popular, and some are positively breathtaking. 

East of Grindavík, Krýsuvík, Selatangar, Festarfjall and seemingly endless lava fields are among places to see. To the south, the Atlantic Ocean battles the island endlessly and to the west from Grindavík lays Reykjanes and the Reykjanes light house, the Gunnuhver (the “Gunna geyser”), Brimketill, Eldvörp and a multitude of other interesting natural phenomena.

Grindavík is only a 15 minutes drive from Keflavík Airport and 10 minutes from the Blue lagoon. 


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Víkurbraut 62 240 Grindavík

+354 420 1100

[email protected]



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