The most beautiful beach?

Reynisfjara Beach, just west of Vík í Mýrdal, is one of Iceland’s most popular tourist destinations, and not without reason. The coal-black coast is covered with pebbles, and the turbulent Atlantic Ocean, with its large steady ocean waves, creates a mood that is seldomly paralleled. After all, Reynisfjara has been high on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world for many years. But the beach can be dangerous; the ebb tide is so strong that even the best swimmers have difficulty reaching land if they get caught in a wave. Reynisfjall mountain, which is on the shore, has uniquely beautiful basalt columns and the Hálsanefshellir cave. Just outside Reynisfjara are Reynisdrangar, rock pillars that rise 66 meters above sea level. It is 190 km / 112 mi from Reykjavík in Reynisfjara beach. Turn off Hringvegur 1, just west of Vík, to road 215, and from the car park at the bottom of Reynishverfi, it only takes five minutes to jog down to the shore.


Few places in Iceland top the experience of visiting Reynisfjara beach.

Vestur-Skaftafellssýsla 14/08/2021 09:41: RX1R II 2.0 / 35mm

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson