Helping you to look and feel your natural best

Feel Iceland was founded by two Icelandic women that wanted to help people look and feel their best in a sustainable way with pure products from Iceland. Their production is sustainably sourced from the ocean surrounding Iceland and Feel Iceland only uses the best materials, ensuring they produce clean, effective collagen-based products that are non-GMO and contain no additives.

Effective, natural products

Collagen is an important protein present in all connective tissues such as skin, ligaments, and tendons as well as in bones, hair and nails. As we age, there is less collagen synthesis, which causes skin to lose its firmness and elasticity resulting in saggy skin and wrinkles. Additionally, decreased cartilage can lead to less joint flexibility, causing people to experience pain.

Beauty products from Iceland

Feel Iceland Collagen

Feel Iceland offers a high-quality collagen supplement made from wild fish caught in the pure Atlantic oceans surrounding Iceland. The supplement contains unique, enzymatically hydrolyzed, low molecular weight collagen peptides and is designed for daily use, offering only natural and bioavailable collagen peptides to prevent the signs of continuous collagen decrease. An Amino Marine Collagen supplement is available as well, in a powder form where customers can mix the collagen into juice, tea, smoothie or other beverage of choice.

Collagen powder from Iceland

Feel Iceland Joint Rewind

The company´s Joint Rewind Joint Therapy is a formula developed to help maintain proper joint function and support healthy cartilage tissue. The supplement, which does not contain soy, wheat, lactose, starch or yeast provides an effective combination of marine derived chondroitin sulfate and collagen found in cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

Joint Therapy

Age Rewind – Skin Therapy

The founders have not forgot about your skin. Feel Iceland produces capsules for those that want to improve skin appearance and maintain healthy, youthful skin. Made from premium local ingredients from Iceland´s pure water surrounding the island, the capsules are non-GMO and additive-free, as well as gluten free.

Social responsibility is important

Feel Iceland is proud to keep the highest product, social and environmental standards possible. The company is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients for the best results and is proud to sustainably source local materials. Furthermore, everything Feel Iceland creates is derived from the purest marine sources available, as well as some of the cleanest water on earth. Their products are intended to replenish the body´s natural resources, so consumers will always feel their natural best.

Feel Iceland owners

Feel Iceland
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