Iceland Camping Equipment is the rental service with all the essentials for your perfect camping or hiking trip in Iceland.

Camping is a very popular summer activity in Iceland. From May to September, most Icelanders ditch the city as often as they can to enjoy the long, warmer days in the Icelandic nature. And who can blame them! Camping is a fun and convenient way to experience the country, and with around 170 registered campsites across the island – you can even find a few in the wild Highlands – there are plenty of amazing spots to stop and revel in the view.


But before diving head first into the amazing experience of an Icelandic camping adventure, one needs to make sure that they come well-equipped. Even if Icelandic summers are quite mild, the weather can often be unpredictable, alternating showers, sun, clouds and dry wind in the same day –sometimes in the same hour. While seasoned Icelandic campers know exactly what kind of equipment will work in this environment, travellers coming from abroad can run into various difficulties when preparing the gear for camping north of the 64th parallel.

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What exactly should one bring? Where to find camping equipment able to withstand the Icelandic weather? And finally, how to bring all the necessary equipment on a plane without running into excess weight and costs?

A lot of questions – to which the answer is Iceland-Camping-Equipment.

Located right in downtown Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, Iceland Camping Equipment is an invaluable camping gear rental service which can provide all prospective campers with what they need the most: high-quality equipment tested in the Icelandic weather.

From rain- and wind-tested Vango tents, to warm sleeping bags, to gas stoves, to hiking GPS and wifi hotspots, Iceland-Camping-Equipment is your one-stop service for all that indispensable gear that you either couldn’t find back home or you simply didn’t want to carry around during your journey to Iceland.

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The Iceland-Camping-Equipment service works in a very straightforward manner, and is designed for the traveller’s convenience. All the equipment can be booked online on the company’s webpage. Once you are in Iceland you can pick up your order in their downtown office at any hour of the day, whenever suits you best. Yes, you got it right: Iceland-Camping-Equipment offers the exceptional convenience of a 24/7 pick-up and drop-off service.

The same goes for returning the equipment: once your journey is over, you can drop the stuff off at the most convenient hour for you, even in the middle of the night (a great option for those travelling on red-eye flights!).


We however would advise that – if you can- you go during office hours: you will be able to meet the incredibly helpful Iceland-Camping-Equipment staff, who will offer you friendly service with a smile – and possibly even throw in some piece of great travel advice!

What will stop you now from having an incredible camping adventure in Iceland?

Iceland Camping Equipment

Vatnsmýrarvegur 10, Reykjavík

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