Waterfalls and rivers on Reykjanes 

Iceland is known for its beautiful waterfalls; Dettifoss, Skógafoss, Gullfoss, Dynjanda. Also for its wonderful, beautiful salmon fishing rivers, such as Laxá in Aðaldal, Norðurá in Borgarfjörður, Vatnsdalsá in Austur-Húnavatnssýsla or Hofsá in Vopnafjörður. At Reykjanes, there is no rivers or waterfalls, nothing to see. Except of course beautiful untouched nature, recent lava, land in the making. Budding fishing villages and of course Keflavík International Airport, just 50 km / 30 mi away from the capital. Almost 98% of the passengers who come to Iceland land there. When the weather is bad, like today, it’s great to experience this southern cape, Reykjanes. You are so close to the forces of nature, the wind, the light and the waves. Icelandic Times / Land & Saga, rushed  out into the storm to experience. Of course.

Keflavíkurvegur, the lifeline from Keflavík and the airport to Reykjavík. By far the busiest highway in the country.

Looking over Hraunsvík by Grindavík, you can also see the house Hraun by the third creek named Hrólfsvík.

 One, probably two horses at Vatnsleysuströnd, close to Vogar and the mountain Keilir in the background.

Kálfatjarnarkirkja on Vatnsleysuströnd, built 130 years ago by Guðmundur Jakobsson. When it was built in 1893, it was the largest church out in the countryside.


Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson

07/02/2023 : A7R IV : FE 1.4/85mm GM