HALLDORA is a sustainable high-end fashion and footwear label by the Icelandic designer Halldóra Eydís Jónsdóttir. Shoes, fashion and nature have always been her main interests, but being raised in the environment of wild nature, lava and active volcanoes has affected her way of thinking and designing.

The designs in HALLDORA´s collection are commonly inspired by wild untouched nature to remind people of how beautiful, amazing and powerful it is and it needs to be protected. The materials used are sustainable and often raw Icelandic materials, leathers, fish skin, horse hairs and lava crystals. The brands style is romantic, elegant yet unique and highly fashionable with the focus on comfort and sustainability.

HALLDORA´s design can be bought at several locations in Reykjavik as well as in Mývatn. 

Vogafjós 660 Mývatn

+354 866 7960

[email protected]


Open all year round



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