Wonderful in Fjallabyggð

About two thousand people now live in Fjallabyggð, this northernmost large municipality in Iceland, Siglufjörður and Ólafsfjörður belong to the municipality, on the outer side of Eyjafjörður on the west side. There are not only beautiful mountains and the best ski slopes in the country, but also great museums and an atmosphere that has no equals in Iceland. Icelandic Times / Land & Saga jumped at the chance to visit, as there is the Pálshús culture house in Ólafsfjörður, Síldarminjasafnið in Siglufjörður, and Aðalheiður S.’s public house also in Siglufjörður, all places/museums that are completely unique. They are great and very interesting indeed. It is a very short drive from Akureyri to the north, just over a half an hour. From Reykjavík, five hours, on a good winter’s day.

Aðalheiður S., the honorary artist of Fjallabyggð

A sculpture by Aðalheiður S., but she has been working with 3D for over 30 years

How many houses can you see at Kleifar by Ólafsfjörður?

The Herring Era Museum at Siglufjörður

Enter the Herring Museum in Siglufjörður, well organized and a great museum

Pálshús in Ólafsfjörður 

The boat fleet of Ólafsfjörður, on display in Pálshús

Photographs & text: Páll Stefánsson
15/02/2023 : A7R IV, A7C, RX1R II : FE 1.8/135mm GM, FE 1.8/20mm, 2.0/35mm Z, FE 1.2/50mm GM