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The Greenland Centre is your one-stop shop for all your Greenlandic needs when you’re in Reykjavik. The visitor’s shop, which is conveniently situated on Laugavegur, features Greenlandic and Icelandic goods for sale, a travel information area and an exhibition space featuring arctic-related artwork. The owners, a husband and wife team that live in Greenland, launched the centre to strengthen the relationship between Greenland and Iceland. Even though the two nations are geographically close, the cultures of Iceland and Greenland are quite different and the owners want to create a venue for exploring the cultural similarities and differences between the two arctic nations.
到雷克雅未克,您可在格陵兰中心/ The Greenland Centre一站购齐所有您想在格陵兰买的东西。该旅游商店位于劳格夫古尔大街/ Laugavegur,交通便利。购物中心以出售格陵兰和冰岛特色产品为主,并设有旅游信息中心以及以展示北极相关艺术品为特色的展览区。购物中心的业主是生活在格陵兰的一对夫妻,他们开办这家购物中心的目的是加强格陵兰与冰岛的关系。格陵兰和冰岛尽管地理位置接近,但两地的文化却完全不同,这对夫妻希望创建一个场所,供人们去探索和发现格陵兰和冰岛这两个北极文化的异同。

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Quality Products
The shop within the Greenland Centre is a feast for the senses with unique products for sale, carefully handpicked by the owners to show the best of both cultures. Gorgeous skins from seals, reindeer and sheep beg to be touched. Hand-knit sweaters, scarves and hats will keep you warm in all weather conditions. Fur-lined and leather bags will keep your possessions safe and fashionable, and warm blankets will keep you cosy. There are hand-carved wood accessories and jewellery available at the shop as well.

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Travel Services
The Greenland Centre offers travel services, where people can find out more about travelling to Iceland’s Nordic neighbour, Greenland. There are a number of tours available to several parts of Greenland, ranging from day tours to weeks of travelling. There are hiking, hunting and leisure tours available, as well as special tours catered especially for the elderly.
格陵兰中心也提供旅游服务。在这里,人们可以发现更多有关冰岛和格陵兰两地的旅游信息。目前已有多种旅游方案可供选择,从一日游到几周游可供选择 。游客不仅可以选择徒步、打猎和休闲游各种产品,也可体验专为年长者定制的特别游览项目。
The Greenland Centre acts as a reception venue for private parties and meetings, and invites people to exhibit and/or sell their arctic-related artwork for one month at a time. Make Greenland Centre your gateway to Greenland, through Iceland.

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 Greenland Centre

Laugavegur 96, 101 Reykjavik
+354 564 5555
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