Air Greenland flies to seven Greenland destinations from Iceland

Greenland is known for some of the world’s most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. Towering glaciers sit  alongside placid fjords with views of vast landscapes and kilometres of pristine ice. The island’s unique culture can be explored through charming museums and restaurants and exciting excursions ranging from snowmobiling to iceberg boat tours. Visitors may feel like they are a world away, but Greenland is more accessible than ever and is a year-round travel destination. “There are so many good reasons to visit Greenland now,” says Jakob Nitter
Sorensen, the CEO of Air Greenland. “People should visit to experience breathtaking nature and authentic  culture. Just everything is big and impressive and at the same time tranquil and silent. People that live in a busy
world and live a busy life can come to Greenland to see something they never saw before and get a touch of  something truly natural, something you can’t control, the raw nature.”

Greenland is known for some of the world’s most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes.

Air Greenland

Hub to Greenland
Travelling to Greenland from Iceland is very convenient. Air Greenland offers Keflavik International Airport
departure to Nuuk, Ilulissat, Sisimiut, Aasiaat, Kangerlussuaq, Maniitsoq, and Narsarsuaq in Greenland. “When
visiting Iceland, Greenland is a great side trip,” says Jakob. “We’re neighbours, so it makes sense to use Iceland as a hub for Greenland. Both countries have so much to offer and complement each other.”  Icelanders should consider a trip to Greenland as well, adds Jakob. “You have volcanoes and hot springs in Iceland, but Icelanders love to come here to see the icebergs, glaciers, culture and wildlife,” he says. “The people and nature of Greenland appeal to Icelanders.”

Jakob Nitter Sorensen, CEO of Air Greenland

Authentic culture
“When you experience Greenland, you get amazed at how people have been able to survive here and live and  evolve in harsh conditions,” says Jakob. “That is reflected in the art and culture of Greenland.” There are numerous cultural attractions in the capital city of Nuuk. The Nuuk Art Museum, for instance, is an integral part of cultural life in Nuuk, as it hosts a permanent exhibition, popups and special events throughout the year. Other cultural institutions are in Nuuk, including the culture house, national museum and national theatre. And there are some surprises to be found along the way. The twostar Michelin restaurant Koks moved from the Faroe  Islands this summer to Illimanaq, which has a population of 53. Chef Poul Andrias Ziska has taken over the Ilimanaq Lodge near Ilulissat and will serve just 30 people per night.

Koks restaurant

Inside Michelin-star restaurant Koks

Koks restaurant

Exciting winter activities
Greenland is a year-round travel destination as there are attractions to see and excursions to experience every season. Don’t count out the winter months. “The winter is a great time to visit Greenland,” says Jakob. “We have a lot of activities like skiing, dog-sledging, snowmobiling and searching for the northern lights. You can even go sailing in the winter.” “Visiting Greenland makes you humble and allows you to get closer to where we come from as humans,” says Jakob. “There are still places on the planet that human beings can’t and shouldn’t control. That’s what happens here; the island humbles you.”


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