There are many hiking trails near Hólaskjól.

Hiking trails around Hólaskjól (map)

In Álftavötn a 6-7 km walk from Hólaskjól, past waterfalls and gorges of Syðri-Ófæra.
Álftavötn is stunningly beautiful, fountains stream out from the lavafields and into the clear Álftavötn where vegetation reaches the water. There you can also find a natural stonebridge that goes over Syðri-Ófæra. There is an old hikinglodge that has been refurbished by the Touring group Útivist.

Very close to Hólaskjól is the natural wonder Eldgjá.
From the Eldgjá parkinglot there is popular trekking route which ends at Ófærufoss waterfall, it used to have a beautiful stone bridge which collapsed many years ago. There is a 2 km walk to it. You can then go into Eldgjá and walk up to Gjátindur, which rises 943 m above sea level. From the top is a great and beautiful view. There are about 7 km from the parkinglot to Gjátindur.

Southwest of Eldgjá there is a beautiful and exotic landscape.
The trail leads to the two Mórauðuvatnshnjúkar, on the way you will walk along the river Strangakvísl which lies at the bottom af Eldgjá. You can then walk to Álftavötn. This route is about 9-10 km. You can also add a 6-7 km walk to Hólaskjól (See trail in Álftavötn).

Langisjór and Sveinstindur, through Skælingar to Hólaskjól.
This is a very popular trail with very beautiful scenery. An idea for a walk: Drive to Langisjór. There is house where up to 6 people can stay (Booked in Hólaskjól). The next day it is good to enjoy the tranquility and then walk up Sveinstindur, about 400 m higher in altitude. The view over Langisjór and from Fögrufjöll to Vatnajökull is unrivaled. Then walk along the river Skaftá to a lodge managed by the travel group Útivist. Please notice that you have to contact Útivist to book a reservation. From there keep walking along Skaftá through sandy and moss covered paths, through valleys and canyons near Uxatindar and to Skælingar in Stóragil. There is a lodge that can be booked from Útivist. In Stóragil there are many amazing lava formations from Skáftáreldar. From Stóragil we head to Gjátindur and then to Eldgjá and take a look at Ófærufoss. Lastly we walk to Hólaskjól where people shower, barbecue and relax until they fall asleep. This walk is about 36-40 km long. You can reserve accomodation and transportation of luggage in Hólaskjól. .

Strútsstígur begins in Hólaskjól. From there to Álftavötn and then on along Syðri-Ófæra, through Ófærudalur and the sides of Svarthnúksfjöll. Then the route goes to both Hólmsárbotn and Strútslaug where you can take a bath. Then comes the Strútsskáli lodge, you have to have a reservation from Útivist. This route is about 27 km. From here you can walk west to Hvanngil.

Please contact us to get information about more hiking trails around Hólaskjól.

Sveinstindur og Langisjór