Hot from the Oven

Geiri’s Bakery and Coffee Shop in Borgarnes

Travellers coming from Reykjavik spot the bakery from the Borgarnes bridge. There’s plenty of parking right outside the shop. Geiri’s customers immediately feel welcome the moment they step into the bakery, where delicious pastries and breads are made on the spot.
borgarnes icelandic times geiriGeiri is an affable man who takes pride in what he knows best, which is baking breads and pastries of all sorts. His personal favourites are the ‘love balls’, which are oil fried balls of pastry a little larger than a golf ball, and a cinnamon bun commonly called snúður in Icelandic. His special version on this popular theme comes with a thick chocolate crust and a large glass of fresh milk. They can all be enjoyed sitting at the comfortable seats and sturdy wooden tables of the coffee shop.
icelandic times geira bakaiThe view is so extraordinary that visitors should be charged an entrance fee! Right outside the window, there is a tidal plain filled with birds at low tide and the second longest bridge in Iceland. Beyond the bridge one sees the impressive local mountains, snow-capped in winter. In the distance lie the Eiríksjökull and Langjökull glaciers.

Geiri’s bakery is the perfect spot to stop for refreshments on your travels on the Ring Road. – SV


Digranesgötu 6

310 Borgarnes

+354 437 2020
[email protected]