volli22TV Chef comes home to cook
Húsavík’s Pallurinn restaurant features a giant gourmet barbeque

Grilladur og teriyakikryddleginn Steinbitur  med tomata- og agurkusalatiKjuklingur og mango a teini 2404

Vikings travel the world—but there’s no place like home. Völundur lived in the Caribbean for 12 years, wrote a book that won the Gourmand World Cookbooks Award and which has just been made into a BBC Living TV series, broadcast worldwide. He is now living his dream of cooking in his home town of Húsavík in North Iceland in his newly-opened restaurant down by the harbour, the Pallurinn.
Delicious Dining—Delightful View
‘Pallurinn’ is Icelandic for ‘The Deck’ and you couldn’t have a finer view of the harbour and the bay. It is located right behind the Gentle Giants ticket office – with a giant heated tent and an equally giant barbeque, which is an engineering feat in itself.
So now you can taste the reason for his popularity yourself, whilst you spend the evening looking out over the spectacular view of the bay as you dine on delicious barbequed lamb or fresh seafood, straight from the fishing boats in the harbour below.
If you wonder where that special taste in the meat comes from, Völundur doesn’t cook with charcoal, as you would find in most barbeques; he uses birch wood—and you can really tell the difference!