Into the Glacier is an environmentally conscious company with a rich history

Exploring the surface of a glacier is thrilling, but actually getting inside one is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The staff behind Into the Glacier offer travellers that rare opportunity. Situated in the western section of  Langjökull, the second largest ice cap in Iceland, and 1,260 metres above sea level, the ice cave reaches 300 metres (984 ft) deep underground and is 550 metres long. It has 5 rooms carved out, including a chapel for  weddings, and it gives visitors a chance to see ice that has been formed over centuries.

Proud history
The Into the Glacier story began with an idea among a small group which then led to four years of planning. Baldvin Einarsson and Hallgrimur Örn Arngrímsson thought of the idea to construct a manmade ice cave and a team of architects, geophysicists, and specialists was brought in to see how the concept could take shape. Over fourteen months, the construction team worked to make the ice cave a reality.

An iconic experience
In 2015, Into the Glacier began welcoming tourists on this epic adventure. Guests board one of the most unique vehicles ever made: a customised super truck, which seats 35 passengers. Once the truck reaches the mouth of  the ice tunnel, the visitors are provided crampons to attach to their shoes before experiencing something few have ever seen. They are also treated to views of gaping crevices as they look up from below.

Focus on sustainability
The founders of Into the Glacier and its staff recognise their environmental responsibility and work to a high standard to protect the environment and nature. They ensure their operations are as eco- friendly as possible and invite travellers to help counteract the adverse effects of climate change and offset part of their carbon footprint  in Iceland by donating money to plant a tree in the region of Húsafell. The trees are planted in the Kolviður  forest, a planting area dedicated to carbon offsetting to help save the glaciers from climate change. Into The
Glacier is also a dedicated member of the Iceland Carbon Fund and Glacier Forest Project, where the company plants 5,000 trees a year to minimise the carbon footprint of its daily operations. The Into the Glacier team has a great appreciation and respect for the nature they show their visitors every day.


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