Keflavik Duty Free
A window to Iceland’s treasures

The dramatic growth in tourism over recent years has fueled demand for Icelandic products. Happily for travelers, Keflavik Airport’s award-winning Duty Free Iceland shop provides a great shop window on almost everything Icelandic. Duty Free Iceland is tax-free and open day and night. It is available to arriving and departing passengers regardless of origin and destination, and it carries all the common international brands and products, plus a growing range of unique Icelandic products.
keflavik icelandic times IMG_9766Sweet Iceland
Confectionery is a big thing in Iceland, and when it comes to chocolate, the Icelandic brand Omnom is one to look for. The company sources premium organic beans from a range of cocoa fields around the world and tailors its chocolate-making process to ensure that each variety of chocolate achieves its full potential. The only additions to the mix are raw cane sugar and, in the milk chocolate range, creamy Icelandic milk. Another name to check out is Haflidi Ragnarsson, one of the world’s top 100 chocolatiers and something of a purist in terms of the mighty cocoa bean. He works his magic to combine classic blends with more exotic flavors of pistachio, passion fruit, star anise and even Earl Grey tea. Icelandic mouth-watering chocolate confectionery has become extremely popular and almost impossible to resist. Stefan B Chocolatier, Noi Sirius and Freyja are among other popular brands that offer sweets and licorice that would guarantee you a warm reception back home, if only you could resist temptation during your flight!
frihofnin dutyn free icelandic times IMG_9913Acclaimed spirits
There is always a great selection of duty-free wines and spirits in store, featuring Reyka and award-winning Katla vodkas, Tópas and Opal Vodka shots, plus Fjallagrasa and Birkir shots. Inspired by the Arctic spring, Vor premium gin is made with organic barley and bursting with the flavors of the Icelandic countryside – wild juniper berries, rhubarb and herbs. Also from the Eimverk Distillery is Flóki, a hand-crafted single malt. Its special taste comes from barley grown organically in volcanic soil at the Arctic Circle. Then there‘s Björk liqueur infused with birch, along with blueberry, rhubarb and crowberry liqueurs. And don’t forget about the beer – duty free carries brands such as Viking, Boli and the award-winning Egils Gull. Duty Free Iceland also carries a large selection of other beers, which have also earned many international awards. A wide range of flavors is on offer, from numerous smaller breweries, as well as larger companies.
keflavik icelandic times IMG_9806A land of health and herbs
Icelandic herbal oils and cosmetics sit next to international brands, offering health-giving benefits from the country’s mountains, pristine valleys and hot springs. Sóley Organic, for example, uses hand-picked wild Icelandic herbs in their environmentally friendly and preservative free products, while Taramar uses Icelandic seaweed and organic herbs in its pure, safe skincare products. Other exciting skincare brands include Blue Lagoon, Dr. Bragi, Zopure, Una and Purity Herbs. A delightful range of fragrances feature names such as Gyðja and True Viking for men.
A recent scientific breakthrough in Iceland, based on 10 years of biotechnology research, have resulted in a new concept that is marketed here as BIOEFFECT® skin care (serum and day cream). It nourishes and replenishes skin cells, bringing a youthful glow to even the most stressed or sensitive skin, without harmful chemical compounds. The scientists at Bioeffect won a Nobel Prize for their work, and their company offers a range of revolutionary biotech skin care products, including the recently introduced EFG Day Serum which rejuvenates the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
icelandic times keflavik frihofnin duty free IMG_9893No discrimination
The shops are both Duty Free and Tax Free and are open day and night to all passengers of departing AND arriving flights. The prices are competitive and are frequently the cheapest in Europe. Keep in mind that there are also discounts that are available regardless of what passport you may hold or which country you are flying to, or from. That’s a nice touch from the Vikings! Whether you’re starting your holiday, stopping over, or concluding your trip, Duty Free Iceland will give you lasting warm memories of the land of fire and ice.

Duty Free Iceland

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