A True Gem
Keflavík’s Diamond Suites Boutique Hotel

Iceland’s magnificent nature is in a class of its own with few, if any, rivals when it comes to its scope, diversity and utter uniqueness. Many a first time visitor has been virtually stopped in their tracks as they take in the beauty of the land that confronts them. Words never seem to do the subject justice, but one American writer, Stephen Markley, records in his book, ‘Tales of Iceland’, “The problem with driving around Iceland is that you’re basically confronted by a new soul-enriching, breathtaking, life-affirming natural site every five minutes”. Totally!
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Step into your own world of luxury
Surrounded by all this natural magnificence, it is only fitting that visitors to the country should have access to equally impressive accommodation. The Diamond Suites Boutique Hotel is the only five-star hotel in Iceland. The hotel opens officially on 17th May to a discerning clientele who are looking for something above and beyond the norm. For some it’s the hotel’s attention to detail and superior craftsmanship, for others it’s the unsurpassed customer service. For others, for whom privacy is not just a luxury but a necessity, Diamond Suites is the only option. With your own private entrance, you will step into your own exclusive domain where your privacy and peace of mind are assured.
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The Five Gemstone Suites
The hotel’s five suites, named after precious gemstones, each have their own unique theme and are decorated in a chic contemporary design with touches of elegance throughout—Versace marble tiles and wallpapers, glass taps by the renowned French designer, Philippe Starck, bathroom fixtures by Duravit, in-room whirlpool baths, private balconies and many other singular items found nowhere else in Iceland, if not the world. Other highlights include a beautiful solid oak headboard carved from a single, solid piece of wood, exquisite recessed lighting by Moooi, a decadent Versace dinner service, and the high-tech bathroom of your dreams.
keflavik icelandic times _Q1A7178“Having stayed in some of the most exclusive hotels in the world, we have tried to incorporate the best we have found throughout our travels into our concept”, says owner/manager, Steinþór Jónsson. “Virtually everything—from the choice of bevelled mirrors to the original artwork on the walls, right down to the smallest details I, with my wife, Hildur, have carefully and purposefully chosen.”
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The Diamond Suite Luxury Pack
If you opt for the best of the best, the Diamond Suite Luxury Pack meets that requirement in every way. All five suites can be opened up to form one spacious, 3,000 sq. foot, private apartment with an sophisticated array of amenities including a personal butler, concierge and full time access to the hotel’s service team, who are on hand to attend to their every need. “We understand that everyone has different needs and requirements, and it is our pleasure to accommodate each guest to the best of our ability”, says Steinþór. To help you make the most of your stay in Iceland, the luxury pack also includes a Range Rover and your own private driver/guide, so you can see Iceland in full comfort and style.
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Kef Restaurant at your service
Enjoy your meals, either in your suite or in Hotel Keflavik’s glass enclosed conservatory restaurant, run by chef Jenný Rúnnarsdóttir, who won Iceland’s Masterchef competition in 2012. Fresh Icelandic ingredients form the basis of Jenny’s inspirational dishes which are best enjoyed with a glass of wine from the hotel’s exclusive wine list—a small Barolo Cannubi 2008 with your dinner, sir?
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A family of hoteliers
With 30 years experience of managing Hotel Keflavik behind him, Steinþór is well positioned to open Iceland’s very first five star hotel. “May 17, 2016 is in fact the 30 year anniversary of Hotel Keflavik, which we opened with my parents in 1986. So it is a great honour for us to inaugurate the Diamond Suite in their memory.”
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hotel keflavik icelandic times _DSC7360-2hotel keflavik icelandic times _DSC7337In the months leading up to the grand opening, the hotel has hosted dignitaries, famous actors and well known singers as well as several exclusive visitors seeking a high-end hotel experience. “We are grateful for the enthusiastic feedback and positive reviews we have received from our guests”, concludes Steinþór.

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