Front_Hotel-524x325Make Friends in History
Iceland’s Oldest Hotel Takes You to a Bygone Era
Marlene Dietrich and Iceland’s current president have something in common. Both have stayed at Hotel Tindastóll, Iceland’s oldest hotel. Built in 1884 and restored in 2000, Hotel Tindastóll has the look and feel of its past with much of the original wood still intact and the decor made to match. Ten rooms named after prominent Icelanders have double beds, wardrobes, Tudor furniture, and a private bathroom. Deluxe rooms feature added comforts such as a DVD player and small sitting area. Two separate summer homes are available for families or friends to rent.
jarlstofaKitchen-260x194HrafnaOn Hotel Tindastóll’s ground floor is an old fashioned tavern with ample room for guests to relax with a drink. A hot tub, made with stones found on the shores of Skagafjörður with water set at 39°C, can be accessed from either the tavern or dining room. Hotel Tindastóll serves a buffet breakfast each day at a long dining room table, encouraging a friendly atmosphere where guests can get to know their host as well as their fellow guests.


Hótel Tindastóll
Lindargata 3 • 550 Sauðárkrókur
+354 453 5002
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