Mystic History
Reykhólahreppur: Overlooking Breiðafjörður from the Westfjords

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reykholahreppur iceland icelandictimes The Westfjords’ south coast holds one of Iceland’s rare finds. It’s a small, peaceful community with both natural phenomena and a grand landscape. Over a dozen fjords surround the island-dotted mystical Breiðafjörður Bay with its beautiful scenery, historical and poetic references and exceptional birdlife.

KAP Flatey 20120623-5iceland icelandictimes reykholarA Service Centre with a History
A two and a half hour drive on paved roads from Reykjavik takes you to Reykhólar village, the county’s centre. It provides a full range of services, including a campsite, stores, museums, Sjávarsmiðjan, a unique seaweed spa and a geothermal swimming pool. Quality accommodation, dining and picturesque views are provided at Hotel Bjarkalundur, Iceland’s oldest summer hotel.
Throughout history Reykhólar has been home to many of Iceland’s most prominent chieftains and is frequently mentioned in the Icelandic sagas.
Flatey Island is an important cultural site. A visit takes you back to the year 1900. Reminders of past times include a monastery built in 1172 and Iceland’s first library built in 1864.

duckBirdwatchers’ Paradise
A wide variety of species nest around both the coastline of Reykhólahreppur and on the islands of Breidafjorður Bay. One of the most impressive are the majestic and elusive white-tailed eagles (haliaeetus albicilla), that both nest in the area and can be seen flying over Reykhólar.

Sed yfir Kroksfjord Borgarland og Berufjord til Reykhola.KAP Flatey 20120623-43Uncountable Islands
Some say Breiðafjörður Bay’s islands are uncountable though cartographers estimate there are around 3,000. There is a 6 metre difference between high and low tides at the time of a spring tide, whereas neap tides reveal far fewer islands. –ASF


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