The energetic river

Þjórsá River is the longest river in the country, 230 km / 140 mi long, with a river basin that is the second largest in Iceland, after Jökulsá á Fjöllum, and covers 7.5% of the size of ​​Iceland. About 30% of the country’s renewable fall energy is in this river, which flows from Hofsjökull, Vatnajökull and Sprengisandur in the north, and to the sea in the middle of the south coast just west of Þykkvábær. The first bridge over Þjórsá was built in 1895, and it was the second man-made bridge in the country. Ölfusá, which is just west Þjórsá got the first bridge. Many tributaries flow into Þjórsá on its long way to the sea, the largest is Tungná which comes from Vatnajökull. The main waterfalls in Þjórsá are Kjálkaversfoss, Dynkur and Tröllkonuhlaup, Búði and Urriðafoss. But it is right by Hringvegur 1, a beautiful waterfall, with very easy access to see this longest and most energetic in the country.

Þjórsá is seen here from the air where it spreads into the estuaries.

Rangárvallasýsla 22/09/2020 15:05 – A7R IV : FE 1.4/85mm GM 

Photograph and text: Páll Stefánsson