With an old charm still swooming from the past, dining at Sjávarpakkhúsið (the old fish-packing house) is truly an amazing experience.  Located right by the harbour of Stykkishólmur since 1918, Sjávarpakkhúsið offers guests beautiful harbourfront outdoor seating in one of Iceland’s most magical places.

Delicious fish soup enjoyed while overlooking the ocean, freshly caught fish or blue-shell mussels from the surrounding seas, meals prepared from wonderfully flavourful, exceptionally lean lamb meat – perhaps with a glass of wine and some music – what could be more enjoyable on a mild summer night on an isolated island located in the North Atlantic Ocean?

As one guest put it:
“The almighty Icelandic god of awesome food has to be the owner of this restaurant.”Clam


Hafnargata 2, 340 Stykkishólmur
438-1800 & 8471934
Facebook: sjávarpakkhúsið
Instagram: sjavarpakkhus


plassid stykkisholmi icelandic timesplassid stykkisholmi icelandPlássið

Known for high-quality food, the chefs of restaurant Plássið make special efforts to find regional quality ingredients both in food and drink. Mussels and scallops are particularly popular, fresh right from Breiðafjörður bay.
While suitable for every family member, with various seating options inside and out on the veranda, larger groups are also welcome as the main room accommodates up to 50 guests.
Located right in the heart of Stykkishólmur, Plássið is named after the old downtown area, which was commonly known as “The Place” (Plássið) – but the current owners did a complete renovation between 2012-2013.

Offering excellent service, Plássið is open from May to November, but further information on opening hours and catering can be found on their website or Facebook page.

Frúarstíg 1, 340 Stykkishólmur
[email protected]
+354 436 1600

egilsen old photo 1893egilsen frontegilsen superior double (2)
 Hotel Egilsen

Hotel Egilsen is a small boutique hotel exemplifying the town’s charm, tying it to the region’s heritage while seamlessly offering all the high-end amenities of any modern hotel.
You are guaranteed a good night’s sleep in the COCO-mat beds, made of natural materials from renewable sources, and wake up to homemade breakfast consisting of freshly baked bread, jams  from local blueberries and dandelion honey along with other goodies.
There’s a small library to enjoy where you can even trade in a book for another.  Enjoy a drink in the beautifully decorated lounge and participate in storytelling with the locals or other guests from all over the world.  If a guest submits a story, there is a discount on their stay!

Hotel Egilsen

Aðalgata 2, 340 Stykkishólmur


– SP