The Iceberg Boat Tours on Fjallsárlón

Fjallsárlón_jan_2016Fjallsarlon3The Iceberg Boat Tours on Fjallsárlón are guided boat tours that have become increasingly popular, receiving top 5 star reviews on These boat tours are really personal since there are fewer people in each boat. You will have a greater opportunity to learn new and interesting things with your guide about the icebergs and glaciers as well as about the people who have lived close to the glaciers through the years.

Using a smaller boat gives you the advantage of picking the most interesting route to sail, going closer to the best icebergs and to the glacier. With ease your guide can circle around the nicest icebergs and explain to you all about the natural wonders you are seeing.

IMG_3674This is a calm cruise and all safety precautions are taken, including providing you with clothing for safety, using strong, professional boats and trained staff. The government has licensed the company. You will feel save and have time to enjoy and take pictures of both the lagoon and the icebergs. Since Fjallsárlón is smaller, you get closer to the edge of the glacier. If you are lucky you will see a piece of ice breaking off the edge into the lagoon. As the glacier is unusually steep and surrounded by high mountains on each side the experience is without comparison.