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After working long hours, weeks and months in an office, travelling back and forth through crowded, congested cities, choking with pollution, it’s time to take a break and enjoy the sport of kings. They know the importance of getting away from it all into the clean air and spectacular beauty of the countryside, where the freshness of the free-flowing rivers relaxes the mind and expands the spirit.

After wrestling with challenges in the office or on the computer, it’s time to enjoy a different kind of wrestling: a chance to catch and land a large trout or salmon in the pools and eddies of one of Iceland’s famous fishing rivers.
Fly fishing is a popular sport in Iceland, with many anglers returning year after year for the fishing, nature and the unspoiled beauty of Iceland. Fishing-international-service-holidays
offers both individual fishing and small, exclusive groups of no more than 6 to 12 rods the opportunity to fish in Iceland’s best rivers.

Sweden china 2 offers both full service and self-service options. By full service, they do mean full. The different river associations vie for the best chefs in the country to cook at the lodges – denuding Reykjavik of the cream of the top chefs for the summer months to prepare the most deliciously appetizing feasts you could hope for. On the trout fishing destinations, this is an available option.
The guides have fishing in their blood and usually forsake their winter jobs to provide anglers with the best counsel regarding locations and methods for catching their fish. Their experience can be a great help, as they know the rivers like the back of their hands.

The trout season begins 1st May and the salmon fishing season starts in June, continuing all the way to October, in some cases. The fish pour into the rivers in extraordinary numbers from the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, leaping their way upstream. These are mountain rivers, cascading over rocks in beautiful waterfalls and rapids. The salmon take a break in the pools below these falls to rest before continuing their journey upstream.
While many of the best rivers are in remote locations, there are a number within easy reach of the capital, making day trips easy. The air is pure. The fish are plentiful and clearly visible in the crystal clear water. The surrounding countryside is considered some of the most beautiful in the world. The sound of cars is noticeably absent, with only the sounds of the nature and the water.

Throughout the summer, the sun barely dips below the horizon. At night, the sky gives a heavenly, warm glow to the landscape. Although the weather can changeable – that’s part of Iceland’s unique charm and challenge, as the fisherman pits his wits against the conditions to land what could be a trophy trout, or the largest char or salmon he has ever caught.

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On arrival at the international airport in Keflavik, the individual or group is met and chauffeured to their hotel or lodge. After a long international flight, most visitors prefer to stop in Reykjavik for a night or two to rest up before heading to the lodge. can arrange this – as well as a stay before heading home, to give time for shopping and sight-seeing.

Some of the rivers are found in the north and east of Iceland, so flights from Reykjavik airport to the closest airport are provided, where they are met by chauffeured 4WD jeep or SUV transportation for the final leg to the lodge.
The rivers and lodges are normally heavily booked, so making reservations early is crucial to gain a place to fish Iceland’s rivers. Since the 1930s, laws have been put in place to ensure the best development of the rivers and competition between the river associations is fierce to provide the best conditions for fishing. Every river has a very different character, presenting different challenges to the groups, many of whom return year after year.

For those who like to take care of their own catering, the Fishing-international-service-holidays also offers self-catering facilities on 5 rivers in Iceland.

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Not everybody can spend their whole visit fly fishing – as much as they might like to. To ensure that such keen fishermen are not left out, offers day tours for trout or salmon fishing. The locations of the tours depend on the fishing conditions and their availability, but knows all the best spots for a good day out. As its name suggests, the Fishing-international-service-holidays is not confined to Iceland alone. It provides opportunities to fish in both Russia, Norway and Sweden for large salmon weighing between 30 to 40lb or more – a catch of a lifetime. Norway is a well-known salmon fishing destination whilst Sweden offers the chance to fish for the large Baltic salmon.

In coming seasons, will be offering more rich fishing destinations in North Atlantic countries and more in Sweden but, for now, the challenges that are currently available provide a holiday that will be remembered for years to come – with the photos to show family and friends to prove it. You can keep up to date by checking their Facebook page.

The owner of puts it this way, “I have been spoiled for choice abundant fly fishing in Iceland for salmon, wild brown trout and Arctic char since moving here 25 years ago. Iceland for me has been, and will always be, an amazing place to fish. The scenery is by far the best I have experienced on all of my fishing travels. The tranquil settings that surround you while fishing are always inspiring, and any visitor who has cast a fly here in Iceland will always talk of wonderful memories of the untouched nature, the valleys, the midnight sun and, of course, the abundance of fish to be caught. All this just adds to the passion that I have for this most amazing of sports.” 

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