The Westfjords are stunning, an array of beautiful fjords and steep mountains which are both grand and majestic. This area has a very small human population but is a popular nesting ground for many bird species, one of the most popular being the beloved puffin which has large nesting grounds at Vigur island. Other birds that breed in the area include the arctic tern and eiderduck. Here, you also have many whales, the most common are the humpback whale and the minke whale. With Amazing Westfjords, you can expect to see these whales as well as birds and the wonderful local scenery on your boat tour.

This family-run company offers boat tours that leave from the bustling harbour at Ísafjörður and sail around Ísafjarðardjúp in a refurbished fishing boat named Ölver after a local, deceased, Viking Lord. Sailing in this area offers a unique view of the surrounding mountains, quaint fishing towns and incredible natural beauty of the area. The Westfjords are not an easy place to live, they are difficult to get to especially in wintertime and isolated from the rest of the country. Isafjardardjup, is often referred to as the Food Chest, and it is largely thanks to these fishing grounds that the population of the Westfjords had access to food while farming conditions were dire in Iceland. The abundance of fish as well as birdlife meant food for the locals, and certainly raised living conditions in the area.

Amazing Westfjords explain the local history while introducing you to the area´s nature such as fish, seals and birdlife. This will give you a true understanding of why the Vikings and their descendants chose to live here as well as pointing out the most interesting spots to view the rich wildlife. You may pass by sunbathing seals, enjoying life.

For these 3 – 3,5 hour tours, as for any boat-tour in Iceland, it is important to dress warmly, use layers and wear a windproof layer. They offer complimentary refreshments and a local guide. They also offer private tours that can be customized to your wishes, if you are a keen bird watcher for example or would like to try your hand at cod fishing.

Amazing Westfjords are the company to contact when you are looking for a mix of solitude and wonderful nature.

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