When you enter Dalabyggð, you find a region of history and pristine nature, an area where you can just be. Be in silence, in nature,with the culture and experience Iceland like the locals do all year round.
You can visit the sites of Auður djúpúðga (Aud “the deep-minded”) famously involved in Saga of Erik the Red and Laxdæla Saga and see the landscape that affected this intelligent and wide travelled woman. Or visit the birthplace of Leif, “the lucky” Eriksson, son of Erik the  Red, where you can experience the ways of life and conditions that his family lived in at Eiríksstaðir.
Go for a look around valleys, beaches and waterfalls, and the nature reserves of Breiðafjörður. You might find Holtasóley, the national flower of Iceland or Blóðberg, which is excellent for herbal tea. And before the summer ends, go for a berry picking for bilberries and crowberries in the hills.
Look out to Breiðafjörður bay with its abundance of islands, islets and skerries; their number has been estimated to be close to 2500. You might see seals, puffins or spot a White-tailed eagle.
You don’t have to go off-road to experience everything that Dalabyggð has to offer but might get a better sense of
everything with a little walk. This is a place to travel slow, take everything in, enjoy, and just be.