About Rauðanes

Rauðanes Point on Melrakkaslétta in Þistilfjörður is a unique natural pearl. Around Rauðanes, there is a well-marked 7 km-long hiking trail that runs in a circle, and the trail is both easy and very beautiful to hike. The land is fortified by tall, vertical cliffs, and what makes the hike so special are the unique rock structures just offshore, such as Lundastapar and Gatastakk and the sheer cliffs along it. In the Spring, the precipitous rock faces are
covered with seabirds, while most of the puffins are on Stakkatorfa, the arched rock structure offshore. The Vellir summer farm is nestled under Vidarfjall mountain. There is a beautiful view of Rauðanes in the north, in Kollavík, and over Þistilfjörður to Langanes in  the southeast. A photographer from Icelandic Times walked around the headland in the mild summer night. It is 30 km from Þórshöfn to Rauðanes, and 120 km from Húsavík.

Kollavík in the foreground, then Rauðanes, and Gunnólfsvíkurfjall in Langanes at the far end

Vellir Farm in the shelter of Vidarfjall mountain

Rauðanes, with Langanes in the distance

The midnight sun glitters on the surface of the sea, with Gatastakkur in the foreground

Melrakkaslétta: 09/07/2022 : A7C, A7RIV, RX1R II : FE 1.4/24mm GM, FE 1.2/50mm GM, 2.0/35mm Z

Photo & text : Páll Stefánsson