The photo is taken in Vök baths on the banks of Urriðavatn, Egilsstaðar, on its second anniversary in July. What makes the bathing place so unique is that the hot springs in and by Lake Urriðavatn are the only hot springs in the country where the water is suitable for drinking. No chlorine or other toxins are used in Vök Baths, but the purity is achieved with a high flow of this pure water. The weather was not bad for visitors and residents of East Iceland, but the air temperature at the bathing place at noon today was 22 ° C / 72 ° F. The only thing to beware of when taking a bath in Vök is the proximity to the Lagarfljót worm. It can go to Urriðavatn for a swim when it fancies, but it probably happens more often in the winter.

Vök Baths by Urriðavatn, Egilsstaðir on its second anniversary, July 2021.

Egilisstaðir 07/07/2021 12:55 20mm

Text and photograph: Páll Stéfánsson