kraum_budWhere the Designers Display
Kraum has the Widest Range of Icelandic Designer Products
With 200 designers exhibiting their work, Kraum is the largest centre for Icelandic designers in the country. It is fitting that they are housed in the oldest building in Reykjavik, where Skúli Magnússon, the first Icelandic Governor to be appointed by the King of Denmark and known as the ‘Father of Reykjavikʼ, established the first design studio and factory for manufacturing Icelandic products in 1750.

Kraum was formed 6 years ago when a group of thirty designers displayed their ideas in the distinctive newly-renovated building on Aðalstræti. From the outset, it was decided to promote only the work Icelandic designers.
The concept took hold and very quickly, the number of designers from all over the country swelled to reach todayʼs figure of over 200. With so many designers in one place, visitors can not only get a clear overview of the Icelandic design world, but have the widest range of products to choose from. It is indeed a wide range, covering everything from clothing to jewellery to household products to lights. The list is far too long for an article of this size and a catalogue of everything available would fill a good-sized book.

Christmas Gifts
With the season of giving here, Kraum is exhibiting a special range of Christmas items, a number of which have won design awards and competitions. You will not find any of the run-of-the-mill mass-produced plastic products here. Rather, there is a fascinating world of unique ideas, concepts and designs which make really nice gifts for all ages.
Of course, many of the designs not specifically produced for Christmas also make excellent gifts as the whole house is a treasure-trove of the different and unusual. The quality of the designs on display is outstanding.
Practical and attractive fashion items abound, made by designers who recognise the need for comfort in style and practicality in daily life.
Whether for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or simply love gifts, these designer creations are bound to be greatly appreciated and admired. The world of Icelandic design is a vibrant and constantly changing one, with new ideas appearing regularly. Kraum is where you will find the cream of the crop. They can also be purchased online and shipped internationally.