GeoTHERM confirms his position as biggest geothermal trade fair with confrence in Europe

Europe’s geothermal branch gathers at the Messe Offenburg / Event welcomes attendees from 38 nations / Premier of European Geothermal Energy Award
Blick in die Baden-Arena OFFENBURG. With its eighth edition GeoTHERM confirms its leading position as Europe’s biggest trade fair within the geothermal industry. Exhibitors as well as visitors concur that the event turned out very well, Dr. Burkhard Sanner, President of the European Geothermal Energy Council highlighted that “nowadays the international context for geothermal energy is indispensable, so Offenburg with its location in the heart of Europe is the perfect setting for Europe’s biggest trade fair.”
thumb_500_400_32_GeoTHERM_expo_congress_Messe_Offenburg[4356]191 exhibitors from 16 nations (Last year 180 from 14 nations), among them Russia and South Korea, have represented their goods and services at the trade fair. Furthermore 3.513 visitors from 38 nations (Last year 3.492 from 36 nations) attended the networking platform to strengthen contacts and make new ones. “Offenburg is one of the largest geothermal events in the world”, emphasizes Dr. Horst Kreuter from the International Geothermal Association.
Orkustofnun of Iceland will be presented by CEO Guðni Jóhannson and engeneer Hjalti Ingólfsson.

The congress programme combined national and international issues on shallow and deep geothermal energy in 30 lectures. With the Netherlands being the guest of honor, Victor van Heekeren, Chairman of the Dutch Geothermal Platform, presented the recent developments in the use of geothermal heat. Moreover Victor van Heekeren showed his pleasure for the huge industry participation at GeoTHERM and the excellent event organization.
As an initiative from the European Geothermal Energy Council in cooperation with Messe Offenburg, the European Geothermal Innovation Award has been announced for the first time. The prize was presented to Jörg Baumgärtner. Collecting the award, Jörg Baumgärtner said “we as a company are proud to be involved in the continuation of the European success of the EGS technology developed in Soultz, which depended on the contribution of experts from several countries. Knowledge we gained there was developed further at Landau and Insheim”.
The ninth GeoTHERM takes place on the 5th + 6th March 2015 at the Messe Offenburg.
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