Beautiful and moody Bakkafjörður

Opinions are divided about the small community of Bakkafjörður, the furthest place you can drive to, from Reykjavík, than any other place in Iceland. Some people find this simply an ugly place. However, more people find the quietness of the place excellent. I am one of them; the light in Bakkafjörður is unique in Iceland, always dramatic and beautiful. The fjord is home to under a hundred people, but that could change in the coming years. Last year, an agreement was signed on the development of a huge international transhipment port in Finnafjörður in Bakkafjörður. The harbour will be the largest project in Icelandic history in cubic meters.


View of Finnafjörður and Bakkafjörður from Vatnadalur under Gunnólfsvíkurfjall

Langanesbyggð 14/09/2021 09:50: A7R IV: FE 1.4 / 85 GM

Photo and text: Páll Stefánsson