The Icelandic company provides a suite of fish-oil and wellbeing products to all markets

The story of LYSI is one of vision and innovation. In 1938, two Icelandic brothers formed LYSI as a small cod liver oil producer. The demand for cod liver oil was already high in Iceland, due to the need for vitamins A and D. LYSI began by offering the oil to Icelanders at home. During World War II, LYSI began exporting to the US and UK. As research on the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids increased, the demand for LYSI‘s products continued to rise. The company has since grown considerably, placing research and product development at the forefront. Today, LYSI offers a suite of various products, with fish being derived straight from the Icelandic shores.

Fish oil - Lysi

Wide range of products

LYSI has recently introduced Lýsi Life, a line of products that combine an omega-3 base with other functional supplements; a focus on the brain, heart, skin, joints, eyes, bones and pregnancy, along with the fundamental liquid cod-liver oil. The products include active ingredients such as antioxidants, marine collagen, calcium, folate and hyaluronic acid. Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, LYSI’s Cod Liver Oil is a key to the development and unlocked potential of the brain, the central nervous system, and the immune system. Vitamin D is essential to build strong, dense bones, while contributing greatly to an optimal immune system. LYSI will continue launching a series of novel health products to fit all diet and nutritional needs in early 2020.

Lysi bottled fish oil

Impressive technology & facilities

LYSI continues to invest in its operation to ensure the highest quality, opening advanced production plants in 2005 and 2012, as well as an expert in-house laboratory. With the latest technology, the LYSI production process meets consumer demands for high purity products. The processes been specifically designed to minimize the oxidation of the oil and to remove taste and smell in the final product by natural means. Quality is a vital factor in LYSI’s business.

Lysi fish oil production

Strong values & social responsibility

LYSI is committed to sustainability, with core values that reflect social responsibility. The company’s concept is in the spirit of sustainability and respect for nature, exploiting the whole raw material entirely and throwing nothing away. In that respect, LYSI makes by-products from the remainders of the primary production, creating value out of everything. LYSI uses energy from renewable resources – geothermal and hydropower – while guaranteeing effective waste management and maximizing the raw materials used within production. LYSI is also committed to plastic recycling, as the company has invested in such operations.

Lysi fish oil pills

Trusted brand at home & abroad

Lýsi has been a recognizable part of the Icelandic market for decades, making it a well-established and trusted brand. In fact, it’s a tradition for every Icelander to take cod liver oil from childhood. And, the brand extends abroad as well, as the health benefits have become known globally. As the global demand continues for LYSI products, the company has extended its e-commerce footprint to meet all customers in all geographic markets.

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