The noted Christmas market, organized by Saga Geopark Project and the Society for Progress and Development in Borgarfjörður, will be thrown this Saturday on November 22nd between 13:00 and 17:00 hours.

1476191_10152133894349714_420421732_nThe market is a platform for locals and travellers alike to mingle with each other, buy exciting goods produced by local compatriots and experience the Christmas feeling whilst enjoying the countryside at the same time. The market has become an annual event and is growing in size and diversity every year. The fair is hosted by homesteader Bjarni and his son, who have renovated an old barn on their land in Nes, Reykholtsdalur to better suit the occasion.

The main offerings in the market are various goods whom are mostly produced in the area. There are food products such as Icelandic honey and corn, handicrafts from many kinds of materials, books published by the History Society of Borgarfjörður and much more.

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The Joy of Christmas spirit

If you are planning on travelling in the West of iceland around this time, this fair is an event you cannot miss. In fact, it would be well worth the detour especially if you are looking to absorb Icelandic culture during your stay or if you simply wish to experience the joy of real Christmas spirit, “Icelandic style”. For further information you can contact the Saga Geopark or visit their facebook site.