Einar Benʼs Christmas Buffet brings Traditional Elegance to Eating
Set in a century-old gentry townhouse right at the end of the walking street in central Reykjavik, Einar Ben is a classic restaurant for those who enjoy a relaxed meal in elegant surroundings. The restaurant is set in the home of one of Icelandʼs most famous poets and heroes, after whom it is named.

A Christmas Dining Experience
In keeping with tradition, Einar Ben is hosting a Christmas Buffet every evening throughout December, bringing the spirit of Christmas to the town.
The Red Bar is the place to start the evening – and to finish it, too, as it offers a comfortable ambience to relax and enjoy a drink or two before and after your dinner. Set on the third floor of the building, it provides a warm and quiet place to unwind after a busy day.
Dinners are served in the warmly-decorated dining rooms by a professional and discreet staff who enjoy catering to their guests in the calm and quiet atmosphere.
The buffet itself is delicious beginning with wild mushroom and walnut soup. Then, served on trays laden with small bowls, diners are treated to a constant stream of different flavours – none too large or small, just right. First come fish dishes and, perhaps you wonder, ‟Is that it?”, only to see a tray of meats arriving with different lamb and pork plates. Supported by a choice of good wines, the experience is almost complete – until the ris á la mande, soaked in cherry sauce, with a selection of Christmas cookies and petit fours adds the final touch to the whole experience.

Traditional Viking Dinner
Tradition is an important part of Icelandic life and, at lunch time on the 23rd December, Einar Ben is hosting the centuries-old skáta and salted cod – the famous Bacalao that is so popular in Mediterranean countries. This unusual meal from the Viking era is something visitors should try at least once in their lives!

Moving the Mediterranean to Iceland
Speaking of the Mediterranean, throughout January and February, Einar Ben will be hosting a Mediterranean food festival daily, looking forward to the arrival of Spring. The blending of both Icelandic and Mediterranean ingredients will provide a very delicious combination, heralding the freshness of Spring, as the daylight hours rapidly grow longer in the new year.
The restaurant opens daily at 6 pm, with the exception of the special lunch on December 23rd, when it opens at noon.