The Sea Baron serves outstanding fish meal

The Sea Baron is a harbourside restaurant that serves up some of the freshest fish in Reykjavík, in a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant features a simple menu of their signature dishes—lobster soup and grilled fish on spears. Guests can enjoy shrimp (king prawn), scallops, salmon, blue ling, tusk, redfish, sea trout, halibut, whale steaks, whale samples, vegetable skewers and potato skewers, among other dishes. This local eatery is a favorite among tourists and locals alike!

Seafood Restaurant Reykjavik

A Rich History

The Sea Baron was founded by a former fisherman and Coast Guard chef, Kjartan Halldórsson, whose nickname was the Sea Baron. Kjartan honed his skills for years, creating an array of dishes, including his lobster soup. His recipe gained fame around the world, earning it the title of ‘the world’s greatest lobster soup’. He loved to experiment with food and took old recipes to make meals that have established his reputation around the world. While Kjartan passed away a few years ago, his legacy continues under the current owners, married couple Elísabet and Daði, who shared with Kjartan a passion for quality food, fresh ingredients and top-notch service.

Lobster Soup at the Sea Baron

An Authentic Seafaring Experience

The Sea Baron is popular with local fishermen who sailed for many years from Reykjavik as it is filled with memorabilia donated by old sea captains and their families that fill it with a character all its own. The decor includes handmade model sailing boats, pictures of ships of the past and stuffed birds, which fill the second floor’s walls. While enjoying your food at the polished tables, cushioned fish barrels and seafaring decor, the Sea Baron is an authentic experience leaving you with treasured memories of your trip to Iceland and a satisfied appetite.

Seafood Restaurant downtown Reykjavik

An Ecclectic Array of Food

In addition to fresh fish on skewers and lobster soup, the Sea Baron offers some local delicacies for the brave to sample, such as whale steaks, shark, and brennivín, which are served everyday. Shark samples are tiny mouth-sized pieces (not a full meal) and a shot of brennivín is available upon request. For those after something unique during the Christmas season, Skata (fermented skate) is served the first Saturday of December and then everyday between Dec 17-Dec 23.

The Sea Baron seafood restaurant

Seafood lovers cannot go wrong at the Sea Baron, whether it´s for fresh cod or salmon on skewers, a bowl of scrumptious lobster soup, or more specialty cuisine like fermented fish. Stop by the Sea Baron on your next trip to Reykjavík!

Geirsgata 8, 101 Reykjavík
+354 553 1500
[email protected]