Húsavík’s Unique GeoSea Hot Baths

At the awesome GeoSea baths, set on top of Húsavíkurhöfði – ‘Húsavík Cliff’ – bathing guests view a majestic range of mountains to the west, old oak fishing boats silently sailing Skjálfandi Bay, the Puffin and Flatey Islands, the Arctic Circle on the Horizon and the serene town of Húsavík, with its majestic wooden Church. Húsavík, the whale watching capital of Europe, with its population of 2,500, is one of Iceland’s main tourist attractions. Simply magical and unmatched anywhere else.

Geothermal sea baths in North Iceland

Health benefits of GeoSea

The geothermal heat north of Húsavík has been well known to residents, who have used it for bathing and washing for centuries. Drilling for hot water at Húsavíkurhöfði in the mid-20th century revealed water that turned out to be hot seawater, too rich in minerals to be suitable for heating houses.

Geothermal sea baths Húsavik

Instead of letting the hot water go to waste, an old cheese barrel was installed at Húsavíkurhöfði. There, Húsavík residents could enjoy the health benefits of bathing in hot seawater. Many sufferers from skin conditions such as psoriasis have found relief by bathing in the water, which is at an optimal temperature of 38°-39°C.

The boreholes provide purity

The water in the GeoSea baths comes from two boreholes, one located by the cheese barrel and the other by Húsavík harbor. There is no need to use any cleaning agents or equipment, as the steady flow of water from the boreholes, between the pools, over their edges, and into the sea ensures that the water stays within the limits stipulated by health regulations.

Relaxing in North Iceland

The GeoSea sea baths enable guests to enjoy nature in a unique manner. Thanks to the underground heat, the seawater in the baths are warm and comfortable and the mineral-rich water caresses the skin. While warm sea works its miracles, guests enjoy the spectacular view and health benefits.

Geothermal sea baths
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