Hafnarborg, Institute of Culture and Fine Art

Hafnarborg – The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art was established in 1983. The museum has two exhibition galleries with changing exhibitions. The exhibitions explore works by leading Icelandic artists, ranging from contemporary art to works by the pioneers of Icelandic art. The collection is mostly Icelandic with emphasis on works by Eiríkur Smith (b.1925) a leading 20th century artist in Iceland. Collection exhibitions are a regular part of the program. Hafnarborg has a small museum shop with books and contemporary design products and a restaurant serving pricewinning healthfood. Hafnarborg offers lunchtime concerts and chambermusic regularly.

Opening hours Week days: Saturdays: Sundays:
  12:00-17:00 12:00-17:00 12:00-17:00
On Thursdays open untill 21:00 and closed on Tuesdays.

Strandgata 34 220 Hafnarfjörður


[email protected]


Open all year round.



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