Elínborgar Jóhannesdóttur Ostermann, Flæði, á laugardaginn 12. september kl. 14.


Gallerí Fold presents Elinborg Ostermann’s private exhibition Flow. The exhibition will open on September 12th at 2 PM.
Elínborg will be showcasing her abstract acrylic works, where color and form play with one another in an intense flow.
The paintings are made in the joy of the moment, where imagination guides her and the forms burst into being. In some of the pictures the forms are reminiscent of Icelandic landscapes or of flowers, in others they are altogether unrestrained by reality. Each layer of paint offers a new situation, demanding a reaction for what is to come, new color shades, planes, lines and dimensions. Sometimes the artist needs to change colors, planes and lines, to find new dimensions and color matches or to paint over parts to tame the wild flow. Sometimes sacrifices are required so that other parts of the artwork can shine better and to bring balance to the overarching picture. The best paintings are born when intuition leads the way and the flow takes over.
Ellínborg Ostermann Jóhannesdóttir was born in Reykjavík in 1954. She attended seminars at the Reykjavík School of Visual Arts 1964-1966, but moved to Vienna in 1974 where she was introduced to water colors and attended seminars with notable artists in that field, including Bernhard Vogel, Gerhard Almbauer, Kurt Panzenberger and Ingrid Buchthal. Flæði is her third exhibition at Gallerí Fold.