Fantastic view from Tanginn

Watch the nature and Vestmannaeyjar from the terrace

restaurant tangi vestmannaeyjar vestman island icelandictimesTanginn is a brand new and lovely restaurant at the harbour in Vestmannaeyjar. It is a modern restaurant in a old style house. Tanginn offers delicious dishes from seafood soup and lobster to catch of the day and sandwiches.
Cool local artwork decorate the walls in this friendly house in Básaskersbryggju 8.
tanginn eyjar icelandic times icelandA large terrace surrounds the restaurant where people can relax and watch the ships and boats standing in the harbour or sailing by. The view over the islands, the rock stracks and skerries is spectacular.

tanginn veitingahus vestman island icelandic times iceland vestmanneyjarSee a Puffin
Vestmannaeyjar is famous for the bird Puffin and the islands is the biggest Puffin colony in the world. It is a big chance to see Puffin flying while enjoying a meal at Tanginn.
tanginn vestman island icelandic times icelandThe Vestmannaeyjar archipelago is young in geological terms. There are 15 islands, and about 30 rock stacks and skerries. The islands lie in the Southern Icelandic Volcanic Zone and have been formed by eruptions over the past 10,000–12,000 years. The volcanic system consists of 70–80 volcanoes both above and below the sea. “We are extremely proud of our beautiful islands”, says Hilmar Kristjánsson one of the owner of Tanginn. – EMVtanginn vestmanneyjar vestman island iceland icelandic times icelandictimes