The Heart of Reykjanes
Grindavík is surrounded by rare geological and historical sites

Grindavík is a small community on the south coast of the Reykjanes peninsula with just under 3,000 inhabitants. Situated just 5 mins. from the magnificent Blue Lagoon and less than half an hour from Keflavík International airport, it is a perfect stopover.
The magnitude of the region’s natural landscape and geothermal activity draws Icelanders and travellers alike to this small community—so close to the capital city, yet a raw, lunar-like landscape, surrounded by the volatile North Atlantic Ocean.
The region is an area of fire and water and from Grindavík alone, tour operators Volcano Tours and Salty Tours offer travellers the opportunity to explore the volcanic regions of Iceland, and Atv-Adventures tickle the fancy of spirited adventurers to explore the region on quads and mountain bikes.   
Within the Reykjanes peninsula, Volcano Tours specialise in tours exploring the many wonders above the tectonic rift of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge on which this southwest tip of Iceland is situated. The geological history of the peninsula alone includes over 100 volcano craters, 200 lava tubes and 12 lavas, all within the last millennium.
Another great way to explore the region is on horseback. The only tour operator specialising in horse riding tours in the vicinity of the Blue Lagoon is situated in Grindavík. Arctic Horses  provide riding tours for both the experienced horse rider and the novice.
Local authorities and tour-companies work side by side to create an experience of a lifetime for travellers visiting the area. The next big step is the advancement of geo-tourism in the Reykjanes area, a project in which all the local communities participate.  
Grindavík Experience is local initiative where the emphasis is placed on the geological history of the region as well as the region’s cultural heritage.
New pathways connecting Grindavík to the Blue Lagoon have been approved, soon enabling everyone to cycle or walk to the Blue Lagoon through the ancient lava fields of the peninsula.
Accommodation in Grindavík and its vicinity is available in all price ranges. For the easy-going traveller, the option is between a state-of-the art camping site and the Fiskanes Hostel. For the leisurely traveller, the Borg Guest House and the Arctic B&B provide good options to experience the warm comforts of Icelandic homes. Top of the range accommodation in the Grindavík area is supplied by the Northern Light Inn, the luxurious hotel a mere five minutes walking distance from the Blue Lagoon. To get even closer, the accommodation at the Blue lagoon Clinic Hotel includes access to the Blue Lagoon.