The Blue Lagoon is the most popular tourist destination in Iceland, and Grindavík is its hometown. The local authorities in Grindavík and tourism companies have in recent years performed outstanding work to strengthen tourism in the town. For example, opening the door for guests from the Blue Lagoon to experience Grindavík, as it takes only three minutes to drive to the centre of town.

Do you enjoy outdoor life, exercise, and adventurous activities?

This friendly fishing town of three thousand people offers activities such as ATV / quad tours, caving and horse-riding. For those who want to get their blood moving by cycling, jogging, or walking, a 4 km walking and cycling path has been paved leading from the Blue Lagoon to Grindavík. There is also a great 18-hole golf course in the town.

Do you want to get in touch with the locals?

By the town harbour—the heart of Grindavík—are, for example, two cafés, two museums, shops and opportunities for tourists to see up close when Icelandic fishermen return to land their catch. Visitors can also have a look at the fish processing plant where the catch is processed. Grindavík is home to exceptional restaurants offering the best fish in the world, landed and processed in Grindavík!

Blue Lagoon Spa in the middle of the Lava - Reykjanes - Iceland

Blue Lagoon Spa in the middle of the Lava – Reykjanes – Iceland

_MG_6681-2Are you looking for accommodation?

If you are looking for a place to stay, Grindavík offers one of the best camping sites in Iceland which opened a few years ago. The site is by the new south coast road which connects Grindavík to South Iceland. The camping site is first-rate and popular with tourists who wish to stay there for a couple of nights after they land in Iceland, or when they have come to the end of their trip and want to spend one or more days in Grindavík and its surroundings. There are also guesthouses in the town, as well as a hotel a short distance from the Blue Lagoon which specialises in showing visitors the northern lights.

Do you have a rental car?

When you drive, for example, from the Blue Lagoon, try taking a left turn and driving past Þorbjarnarfell mountain to Grindavík. Various information signs for tourists have been set up in the town. The signs include QR-codes. Maps and information brochures can be obtained at the Blue Lagoon and all over Grindavík. Visitors can also strike up a conversation with Grindavík locals; they are courteous, friendly, and happy to have people visit their town.