Gudmund Sand & Haakon Sand at Reykjavík Museum of Photography

The Arctic Circus is the title of a new exhibition in Skotið at the Reykjavík Museum of
Photography. On display are photos by the photographers Gudmund Sand and Haakon Sand,
who followed the everyday life of ‘Sirkus Íslands’ for one and a half years.
The Arctic Circus is a collaborative photo essay about a group of people who make a living by bringing
joy to others, with a desire to build a cultural understanding of the circus as an art form. The
photographers gained access to a tightly knit society of friends trying to modernise and transform
the traditional circus’s perception.

The cousins Gudmund and Haakon Sand started Sandbox in 2016. Sandbox is a production company
based in Oslo, Norway. Sandbox works with documentaries and personal projects within film and
photography. Since the start, many of their documentaries have been screened at various festivals
worldwide, as well as winning awards.
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