Ancestors’ Knowledge
Healthy food straight from the earth

VidurkenningfyrirfrumkvodlastarfIn the olden times, people still had an understanding of nature’s richness. They used what Mother Earth provided, picked leaves and mosses, or searched the shores for the ocean’s supplies of algae. The sea shore is a garden, you just have to know where to harvest it.

ASalt pioneer in revival
Biologist Eyjólfur Fríðgeirsson knows pretty well. He is passionate about nature being a food box and a treasure of delicacies. In 2005 he started his company, Íslensk hollusta (Icelandic wholesomeness), aiming to use Icelandic produce in their own natural taste and freshness. So nothing is added to or changed in the products.
Eyjólfur was a pioneer in Iceland, reviving the idea of using algae as a dried snack, adding Icelandic moss, angelica and birch leaves into cheese making, creating a bath salt from Icelandic geothermal salt, pumice from Mount Hekla and using seaweed. The country provides enough resources, so it was all about reawakening folk knowledge about how to use them.
The idea proved to be a success, and today his goods can be purchased in souvenir shops around Iceland. The ‘Icelandic spice salt – Northern Lights salt’ gift package is available in Icelandair’s Saga shop on board your aircraft.aetihvonn

DSC05862fjaraHand-picked and healthy
The hand-picked Iceland moss is ready for use in tea or porridge. In the olden times, algae had been consumed in times of famine. Today we know that there is hardly a more nutrient-rich food. By adding algae to your daily diet, you are consuming ingredients from unspoiled Icelandic waters. Homemade sauces, juices and jams, made with materials from the past, are a treat. Pamper your body with a rich bath salt, or treat yourself with Icelandic Herbal Tea and Arctic Thyme Tea from Islensk hollusta! Try the Viking Salt, produced with an ancient salt production method. The light and compact Seven Spices Gift Packet containing tea, salt and seaweed is an excellent contribution to your cuisine.
“Mother Earth knows what is best. We pick it for you, and you just have to take it home”, says Eyjólfur.


Íslensk hollusta

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